Memory Box

September 16, 2009

In an overwhelming technological age, the idea of a hand written note seems a little old fashioned. Instead people have opted for constant digital connections with others either through social media networks, gadgets, or phone elements such as texting. These are not only instant forms of communication, but the outlets utilized through the Internet seem to leave more of a lasting impression.

While sifting through an old memory box of mine, I found a myriad of cards that I had received for a variety of occasions, photographs, and other memorabilia which put me in a nostalgic mood.  Once the box was empty I realized that I had no physical form of memories after half way through my freshman year of college. Why would that have stopped? It’s not like the exciting or important milestones ended early. Then it dawned on me. This is around the time I joined social networks and online groups. The Internet became a much bigger aspect in my life because it served as not only a way to communication for me, but as a storage area for projects and a record of my thoughts. My memory box as of 2006 was the Internet.

Previously, it was questioned in class as to whether or not technology would be so all encompassing that, in the future, we would depend fully on robotic and technological creations.  That it would be a huge part of our life. Well, this is already happening. The Internet has replaced my memory box and showcases my experiences online permanently. It is a place that captures and saves my photographs, valued conversations through AIM or social networks and acts as a record for my academic works. It even holds my thoughts in digital spaces similar to this blog. My identity is partially online and open for almost everyone to view.

Although it contains the evidence of many events in my life, I feel that the Internet and technology may never fully replace the physical (since we are human and will always want to fulfill the sensory need to experience touch, feel, hold and see)…so I made a new memory box just in case.


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