Creating and Collecting Information

September 17, 2009

The Internet’s instantaneous ability to pull information in a matter of seconds is truly unbelievable. What’s more astounding is that much of the facts and ideas that were gathered, are from regular people that just wanted to put their two cents in. While listening to Mark Luckie, of the blog “10,000 Words,” he mentioned that the majority of the innovative information he presented his readers with were collected from over a hundred different blogs both credible and not. This was surprising to me. Although he accumulated info from big sources like the New York Times, he also starred and read blogs that had misspellings or were just from a random person. Which got me to thinking. This fully supports the saying that once you are on the Internet everyone can witness and learn about who you are and what you do. It also cemented the idea that no matter what form of media you use online, whether it be a social media program or create your own website, it will never be considered just a silly thing you did, but something that becomes part of your online identity. Anyone anywhere may value, judge and read what you post. It may even end up being referenced on someone else’s site.


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