Technology convenience and health

September 18, 2009

Lately we have been discussing the recent innovative ideas or inventions and their place in the future; and while all this is extraordinary, I can’t seem to get past the looming thought that their side affects may have an interesting impact on people’s health.

The HiCan (High Fidelity Canopy Bed) creation was presented today as the “Ferrari of all beds.” At first glance it seems like a normal bed that is styled on the contemporary side, but if you get a bit closer you will see something much different. The technology filled sleeping arrangement comes with all the bells and whistles including a light, headboard controller, projector, projection screen, entertainment center and all the hook ups for video games and PC friendly items. It is being sold and shipped for around $59,000. Seems like the dream come true huh (minus the price tag)?

It was incredible, I will admit. Anyone that could bring people’s ideal form of convenience into bedroom furniture was ok in my book, but then I started to think about how we would fulfill what everyone was so excited about.

“You never have to leave your bed!”

“Do anything and everything without moving an inch!”

“It’s so convenient.”

Although it seemed so perfect and so exciting, how would that impact people’s health? We are already struggling to overcome the overweight crisis in the United States. This just seemed like something that would be going against the push to get healthier and not sit around and eat conveniently delivered food or fast food.

I guess that this is food for thought.  How far will we go and how much will we pay for convenience? Or are some advancements in technology offering convenience that can influence our health?

Here is the site to check out the HiCan bed:


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