One Web Day

September 22, 2009

Happy One Web Day!

Although the morning clouds threatened rain, Interactive Media students continued to set up audio equipment, cameras, large signs and rechecked their computers on the patio of the Academic Pavilion. The sound of passing cars and the hum of conversation accompanied the aroma of coffee and donuts. This was the start of Elon University’s weekly social gathering, also known as College Coffee, and the celebration of the Internet on One Web Day.

Three years ago, Susan P. Crawford established September 22nd as the day that people across the globe would celebrate the Web and show how the Internet has affected their lives.

With iMedia as our main interest, and being ones who constantly experience the benefits of the Web, our class decided to capture what others thought and knew about the Internet on campus.  While students and faculty began to trickle in, we milled around the new brick courtyard taking photographs, video and interviews to collect other perspectives.

The interviews were in survey format and included the following questions:

1. In what year was the World Wide Web proposed by Tim Berners-Lee?

2. What is the most important vital issue for the future of the Internet?

3. Approximately what percentage of the world has Internet access?

4. What percentage of North Carolinians have Internet access from their homes?

5. How much time do you use the Internet on your cellular phone daily?

After accumulating all the responses, we had a small demonstration that presented the audience with not only their replies to the questions, but gave the students and faculty the correct answers and provided other facts to educate them.

Surprisingly, enough, 47% of the people interviewed guessed that the World Wide Web was proposed in either 1970 or 1980 and were shocked to hear that the correct answer was 1990. The event successfully made people aware of part of the Internet’s history and acted as an eye opener for those that never stopped to think about how much it affects us.


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