Living a Transparent Lifestyle

September 28, 2009

There are moments in our lives when we regret not capturing an event or phrase with a camera or on video. The blurred memory will suffice, but it would have been nice to be able to remember it with complete clarity. Ever feel like that? Many people, especially parents, wish they were prepared at that moment instead of being just a few seconds late to record it.

The future of social networks, virtual reality and various technological innovations may be creating a gadget that has the capability of storing every memory you have.   Scary huh?

The SenseCam idea, a type of device whose purpose is to act as a life recorder, is not too far off.  Microsoft has recently developed this digital item that a person would wear around their neck. The invention has several electronic sensors and would act as your personal photographer each and every day. The SenseCam would also record and transcribe every conversation the owner has while wearing the device.  The wearer also has control over the timing of when the photographs are taken. It could be set to take photos every 30 seconds to every couple of minutes.

This product is a working progress. Eventually the company would like to include a GPS system into the device so that you know where and when the picture is taken or the conversation was recorded. It is also a bit clunky and will evolve, at some point, into a smaller and sleeker piece that might even be wearable as a wristwatch.

Although this invention seems wonderful for those that would like to review every single minute of their child’s or their own lives, it does bring about the issue of security or privacy.  Your entire identity is within that small digital box. If you ever lost it or someone else got a hold of it…what would the ramifications be?

Or more importantly, (with the information that is divulged on Facebook and other social networks) are we adopting a more transparent lifestyle?


4 Responses to “Living a Transparent Lifestyle”

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