Viral Videos

October 12, 2009

Entertainment can be found throughout several forms of media. Today, the Internet is providing people with entertainment just as much as (if not more than) television programs and radio stations use to. One of the most popular forms of entertainment online is known as viral videos.

Viral videos, according to a small group consensus in my theory course, have a few commonalities which is what makes them more spreadable.

We believe that majority of viral videos are relatable. More specifically, one of the things we find the most entertaining are the ones that we know we, or some of our friends, have done before. Many of the videos also contain humor. This could be in the format of blatant and obvious humor, clever, stupid or even a parody.

The videos also need to have a certain amount of uniqueness and originality. We don’t want to see the same thing over and over again. We would rather witness something new and funny.

Shock may work as a common characteristic for some as well. We like to be surprised or tricked because the same storyline gets boring. If you don’t know what to expect then you are more likely to pay attention and be entertained, or even watch it several more times.

These videos that are shared between thousands of people are usually simple, because if the viewer doesn’t grasp the purpose then they won’t understand or want to watch it, and shorter than 4-5 minutes in length.

The following are some of the examples of viral videos that the class put together. We remember these videos because we have either passed them around to our own friends and family, or have never forgotten them due to the level of entertainment it provides. They range from commercials to shows and humorous to serious.

Don’t Vote PSA

Slippery Turkey

Amateur wedding video

Train station Dance and

Shining Spoof

Rap Impression

I’m not intoxicated

Ok Go

E-Trade Baby

Hawaiian Chair

Best Wedding Dance

Her Morning Elegance

Grape Stomping

Elon iCribs

Wanna Buy a Ghost?


Piano Stairs

Lion Reunion

Font Conference

GI Joe

Flea Market Montgomery




2 Responses to “Viral Videos”

  1. Perez Christina said


  2. andersj said

    I can’t believe how many people in the class did NOT include links to videos in their blog posts. Maybe they plan to add them later. Anyway, leave it to Meg to be smart enough to get the link thing rolling. SMART!

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