Analytics 101

October 23, 2009

“Analytics is one of the most important aspects of our field…well everyone’s actually.”

During today’s interactive media theory course, Travis Lusk, a Digital Media Manager for WCBS New Media, discussed the importance of analytics within communications careers.

He touched on how helpful it is for companies to see when people visited their web pages, how long they stayed on, their demographics and what linked them to the site. These can help corporations, in this case a network of radio stations, to understand what peaked visitors interests enough to get them to visit the website. You are then able to cater to the appeals of the public, in accords to what they want to hear, and tailor the site to their satisfaction.

Lusk also presented our class with several online tools which help measure website elements, such as page views. These include:

  • watching page views and visits (keeps history of status as well)
  • shows line graph of visitors each day, can watch visitors move around on the site
  • shows who’s listening online (can also see the hours of the day that they listened)
  • Google analytics

He also explained bounce rates (which may be measured within the analytical site the company is utilizing) to us. This is the average number of people that come to the website and don’t do anything. If this happens it could mean that the person did not know what to do, could not navigate the site or accidentally stumbled up on it while they were searching for something else. This is not normally a good thing for websites to see a lot of, unless the goal of the site is to redirect you to another page.

This is only a brief overview of web analytics. To learn more about what web analytics is here is a short tutorial online:


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