Utilizing Social Media

October 30, 2009

Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, is becoming a more common feature in companies around the world. Some corporations are embracing it and fully submerging themselves into all formats, yet others still seem a bit hesitant to try this new digital component. According to an article written by Kimberly Maul (which was published on prweekus.com)  and a survey from PRWeek, 37% of the 271 marketers that were surveyed do not use social media tools. The survey also discovered that 49% of corporations don’t have a specific approach regarding its use, while 10% “discouraged employees to use social media to communication on behalf of the organization.”


While having a global reach is  considered one of the benefits that have been highlighted by many professionals when it comes to utilizing social media tools, 64% of respondents say its current focus is local. This is interesting because many of the companies and people interviewed say that it is locally focused for now but in the future will provide conversations on a global scale, whether they like what the public has to say or not.

Once they reach this global scale, it can change the marketing landscape drastically. Some of the companies that are already taking advantage of the benefits of social media include: General Motors, PepsiCo, ING Direct, and American Express Open. This was shown in PepsiCo’s recent social media strategy where they turned campaigns into conversations and using these outside perspectives to improve.

To see the effectiveness of the social media campaigns, many companies have looked at web site traffic and the impact it has had on sales or brand awareness. Visualizing this ROI may also be done with surveys.

As companies begin to adopt or increase the use of social media tools, this will go beyond a form of communication but evolve into a much bigger business and marketing device online.

To view the article and survey charts visit: http://www.prweekus.com/reality-check-social-media-survey-2009/article/150009/


One Response to “Utilizing Social Media”

  1. andersj said

    Interesting take on this survey data. Very professional, with good specific details and link to the original study.

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