Google Analytics and Conversion University

November 4, 2009

During our course today, we were briefly introduced to Google Conversion University. This online tool focuses on analytics and offering companies a sophisticated and easy to understand their current and possible audiences.

This web analytic site, Conversion University, first started in August of 2007 during a time when the market for businesses relying on analytics was small and the sites that offered this same help were considered very complicated or unclear. With these outside factors, Google’s site was seen as a huge improvement.

Google Analytics Executive Brett Crosby stated that the goal of Conversion was to, “increase the level of sophistication for people who are first time users who aren’t web analytics experts by nature, that they can get right in, the data is immediately obvious what to do with it, and then also allow the analysis, the deeper dive guys, who have been there for a while doing this stuff, to refocus their efforts on getting into the product, we’ve added a lot of tools for those guys that do those things, and we’ve taken out some of the things that don’t need to be…that we can automate.”

It has an interface that is easy to use and navigate as well as so many tools available that it provided lots of information and wasn’t dumb down. Any business using this online tool could add reports to the interface, e-mail reports and export items. Other tools that can be utilize through Google Analytics along with the Conversion University include:

Adwords: used to drive more traffic to site

Google Analytics: used to understand ROI and tracking

Website Optimizer: a free tool that is a platform for multivariate testing

Conversion University and all of Google’s analytic tools help companies manipulate and customize their campaigns and websites in order to attract others as well as improve them for their current visitors.

To learn more about Google Analytics and the tools offered you can visit and watch the product tour video on:



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