The Recyclable Paper Laptop

November 9, 2009

When I first came to Elon University for undergrad, I got a brand new Mac laptop with all the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, after four years of use my computer was considered ancient in technology years; so upon entering graduate school, I got the new MacBook Pro and several new programs. These will probably be out of date within a matter of years, like all the others I’ve had, and end up being hand-me-downs or waste.

Since thousands of people experience this every 2 to 4 years, and it’s becoming quite expensive if you ask me, designer Je Sung Parker of Yanko Design created a more eco-friendly and low costing alternative.


The Recyclable Paper Laptop looks almost exactly like any other laptop except for its cardboard like exterior. Instead of metals and plastic, the computer is made up of paper and pulp materials that can be recycled. The laptop also boasts a piece that props the computer up on the person’s knee for easier use.

The laptop itself contains a blue screen, bio chip and keyboard parts all similar to any other. Now you can purchase a computer for a much lower price and get rid of it in a more environmentally friendly manner. It’s not such a big deal anymore if your computer is out of date because it doesn’t cost much to get a newer one that doesn’t create a build up of harmful waste.

To learn more about the recyclable paper laptop visit DVICE


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